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Dr. Jessica Baitner, D.M.D.

Dr. Baitner

From Dr. Jessica Baitner (Pediatric Dentist)

I never thought when I was a child going to the dentist, that I would return to the very same office to practice pediatric dentistry myself. I am truly blessed to be doing what I love and to love what I do. I have created a rewarding and satisfying career by combining my passion for children and dentistry. My goal is to make each child’s visit to the dentist a comfortable and positive experience using state of the art, cutting edge and refined dental techniques, as well as kindness, patience and gentle behavior guidance, while instilling good dental hygiene that each child will carry into adulthood. I establish a good rapport with every child and parent by gaining their trust, being compassionate and learning the needs of every patient as an individual. Through songs, demonstrations and age appropriate explanations, I teach children how to maintain proper oral hygiene at home. I know I have accomplished my goal when a child who enters my office with apprehension, gives me a hug or a high five at the end of his or her visit. I hope that each child will carry with him or her the same positive memories of childhood visits to this dental office that I fondly remember each day as I walk into the office I now call my second home.

Family Life:

Dr. Baitner was born and raised in Hollywood, Florida. She is married to her husband Jay and they have four wonderful children Zeke, Julia, Stella and Lucy. In her spare time Dr. Baitner likes to cook, read books and spend time with her family.

Experience and Education:

  • Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Barnard College, NY
  • New Jersey Dental School graduate
  • Residency at Jacobi Medical Center
  • Specialty training in Pediatric Dentistry at Mount Sinai Hospital
  • Extensive trainings with infants, children, teens and special needs patients
  • Recognized by the American board of Pediatric Dentistry as a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

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